by Jack Swenson

When I get home from school, I open the windows and air out the house.  It has been hot all week.  I take off my shirt and shorts and walk around in my bra and bikini panties.


I sit on the couch in the den and watch TV and eat leftovers for supper.  Then I call Jake and ask him what he's doing.  Grading papers, he says.  I tell him my parents and my little sister are gone, and ask him to come over and go swimming.


"Sounds good," he says.  I tell him to bring something to drink.


When he gets there, we sit on the couch and drink beer and talk.  I lean my head on his shoulder, and he puts his arm around me.


Later I take his hand, and I lead him up the stairs.  I want to show him something, I say.  I open the door to my bedroom and turn on the lights.  My bedroom looks the same as it did when I was five.  It is all pink and frilly.  There are toy animals on the bed and a Raggedy Ann doll in a tiny rocking chair.


I let him fuck me on my bed.  Afterwards I tell him I always wanted to do that.


Then we go into the back yard and go swimming in our pool.  The water is lukewarm.  We sit naked on the edge of the pool at the deep end and look up at the stars.  The sky is black, and the stars look like bits of broken glass.


We hold hands.  I lean my head on his shoulder.  He kisses my wet hair, and he says that maybe when I grow up, he will ask me to marry him.  I tell him I'm already grown up.  He laughs.  "You certainly are," he says.