Tiff Holland

Location Texas
Occupation Writer

About Me

I just had a stroke and I can't see for shit. Everyone looks like a Picasso painting, all the pieces overlapping, some missing. Otherwise, I write fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction.

Why do you write?

I write because I have to write. I started writing poetry when I was eight. I switched to fiction in graduate school after a tiff with the poets and also because I kept hearing it in my head. It's like literary schizophrenia.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I love Kesey, Vonnegut, Salinger.I admire Frederick Barthelme, William Wharton, Nabakov. I am inspired by Nick Flynn. Two of my favorite books are Donald Hall's "Without" and Marie Howe's "What the Living Do." I'm also a big fan of Bob Hicok.

Tiff Holland's Wall

Devorah Ducklet – Sep 01, 2010

I love the concept of meaning more than you say, and Tiff Holland certainly has that one covered. The writings are poignant and tight. I'm sometimes wincing, sometimes laughing, both with intimate familiarity. I look forward to reading more postings. Hint hint.

Kathy Fish – Aug 27, 2010

Tiff, my 14 yr old son Kieran has been reading Bone in a Tin Funnel...he really thinks it's great. He said the writer makes him feel like he has the disease too. He's been picking up my lit mags and books and chapbooks I have lying all around the house and he can be kind of critical (hates the stuff in The Denver Quarterly for instance, ha), but Tiff Holland's poetry he really digs. Kid's got good taste I think.

Kathy Fish – Aug 11, 2010

Tiffer, I was rereading some of your poems last night (from BONE IN A TIN FUNNEL)...you are so so SO good, my friend.


James Robison – Jul 29, 2010

Thank you for comments on Prologue, Trish. I would say I'm sorry about your stroke, but you seem to be handling everything so well that I'm inspired by you.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 25, 2010

Thanks, Tiff, for commenting on "Processes." Appreciate it!

Tiff Holland – Jun 19, 2010

thanks Robert! I do plan on posting more soon!

Robert Vaughan – Jun 14, 2010

So glad you are on Fictionaut...your stories are exceptional. Hope you post more writing here, and thanks for the inspiration!

Doug Bond – Jan 26, 2010

tiff -- yes, "Without" by Hall is beautiful...of course, both he and Kenyon were still strong presences in Ann Arbor while i was there. Kenyon's Let Evening Come...simple and wise and peaceful.

David Erlewine – Jan 30, 2009

Great work in FRiGG! All three stories are wonderful, Tiff.

David Erlewine – Jan 29, 2009

Wow, Tiff, I just now today (Jan. 29) saw your Dec. 29 comment to Oktoberfest at Dachau. Thanks...again! I always ridicule my ability to come up with titles so it was nice to see your comment about my titles. Thanks again, David

Sara Levine – Sep 03, 2008

Hi Tiff,

Thanks for your kind comment on "The Body of a Cow." I did write it all at once. But the memories/stories were separate in my head for a while waiting for a way to come out. Then I read Levi's book. He's a chemist and each chapter of this book is titled and focused around a different element of the periodical table. So it occurred to me-- if a chemist can do that, what can a vet do? And I had the format.

I love "Without" and "What the Living Do" too.

Gary Percesepe – Sep 01, 2008

hi tiff,

thanks for the comment on moratorium--and tell me about how you came to know kunstler?--gary

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