The Krafft-Ebing Poems

by Bill Yarrow

Case #106

when she was about ten years old
she thought that her mother

no longer loved her
so she put matches in her coffee

to make herself sick
that she might thus excite

her mother's affection
for her

Case #88

on account of his impotence
the patient applied to Dr Hammond

who treated his epilepsy
with bromides

and advised him to hang a shoe
over his bed

and to look at it fixedly
during coitus

while at the same time imagining

his wife to be a shoe

Case #8

as a child he was not affectionate
and was cold toward his parents

as a student he was peculiar
and retiring, preoccupied with self

he was well endowed mentally and given to much reading
but eccentric after puberty 

alternating between religious enthusiasm
and materialism

now studying theology
now natural sciences

at the university
his fellow-students took him

for a fool

he read Jean Paul almost exclusively

Case #89

on his marriage night
he remained cold

until he brought to his aid

the picture of an ugly woman's head
wearing a night cap

coitus was immediately successful

Case #36

she must stand at the window
awaiting him

with her face done up
and on his entrance into the room

complain of severe toothache

he is sorry for her
asks particularly about the pain

takes the cloth off
and puts it on again

he never touches her sexually
yet finds complete satisfaction simply in this act

Case #55

on their wedding night
he forced a towel and soap into her hands

and without any other expression of love
asked her to lather his chin and neck

as if for shaving

the inexperienced young wife did it
and during the first weeks of married life

was not a little astonished
to learn the secrets of intimacy

in this way alone

Case #102

the patient in a circle of erotic ideas
grows more and more peculiar

he avoids the society
of women

associates with them
only for the sake of music

and ONLY when two witnesses
are with him

Case #83

his dreams are filled
with aprons