The Basement of Desire

by Bill Yarrow

sooner or later you realize
that all the leftover wood you've been saving
all the scraps of PVC pipe in the utility closet
all the plumbing nuggets you've squirreled away
all the used sandpaper
loose roofing nails
railroad spikes
iron filings
copper battery caps
coils of solder
cylinders of tin
carafes of glue
single hinges
tubs of bulbs
nylon cord
bladeless hacksaws
rusted caulk guns
bent nails
blunt screws
broken hammers
brittle gaskets
sleeves of galvanized washers
leftover shims
insulation kits
cans of mineral spirits
screen door hardware
drawers of squeeze nozzles
noxious solvents
the whole haberdashery of plastic pieces
sheathing connectors and containers
is just a metaphor
of shifting meaning
and recursively
your childhood
your body
your marriage
and your mind