A New Kind of Madness

by Bill Yarrow

in my youth I was enamored of the moon
—that is to say, lunacy

I applauded the bizarre in nature
I appropriated the gratuitous from dreams
I drank brashness and frenzy from books

what mad things I did!
(throwing a bucket of water on the naked couple in the bed)

what mad things I said!
(telling you your heart was filled with flies)

what mad things I wrote!
(unlisted bliss is insistence intersticed)

then Thomas went mad and threw himself under a bus
then Liat kissed the boys and hanged herself
then Miko couldn't stop laughing and died

so I became careful

I monitored my sadness
I governed my excitement
I trimmed all my excess
I ramped up my sensible brain

and now I am old and reminiscent
and like Funes I remember it all

Thanksgiving in New Orleans
   Easter in Delphi
      New Year's Eve in Prague

         Halloween in Somerville
            President's Day in Bangalore
               Labor Day in Perth

but in my visionary senescence
I am haunted by a new kind of madness
a dementia of time

                        memory           [[[unmoored·from·chronology]]]

               ME·MO·RY                          [[[stripped·of·its·ardor]]]

M   E    M         O             R                 Y           [[[reduced·to·obtuseness]]]