Reveka Velikaya

Location sea
Occupation ed*tor & interpret*r
Website http://
IM () nyet

About Me

nothing intensively interesting

doubtless, having written the above disclaimer i could claim contrariness.

but within the confines of this box........

one has no choice but to blabber on or keep quiet

Why do you write?

i have tried not to but to no avail

Any favorite authors? Books?

nikolai vassilievich gogol

dead souls


kafka (obviously)





no english (as with music) i am afraid

Reveka Velikaya's Wall

Reveka Velikaya – Oct 24, 2010

thanks all who posted. skazka cat also meows. all my stuff is still in limbo on expired puta but this is no excuse, i know. i will post soon.

FM Le – Jun 20, 2010

Noticed your picture in the new users area (I love cats) and wanted to welcome you :) Hi!

Reveka Velikaya – Jun 16, 2010

thanks & greets, all. as soon as i post-mortem my expired 'puta, will dissect,extricate & post far too many paras & stanzas but in the meantime look fwd to reading yours. seems like an interesting place. & 'lo there again -e - had missed reading you & = ox2 [undiluted]

Robert Vaughan – Jun 16, 2010

Welcome Reveka. Jump right in!

Darryl Price – Jun 16, 2010


Juhi Kalra – Jun 16, 2010

Reveka, Welcome to this space, and may you have all the readers and love you desire. ~ J

eamon byrne – Jun 15, 2010

Dear Re-, it's so good to have you here. I'm looking forward to reading your work again. Best regards. -e

Reveka Velikaya – Jun 15, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall....

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