Reckless/ Abandon

by Robert Vaughan


He shows a wreaking disregard for the safety of others. 

He has of late, he knows not how, lost his mirth. Wild and foolhardy, he bungee-jumps from sharp objects, dallying, drives three sheets to the wind, drinks kamikaze shots while bowling for dollars he doesn't have. 

To be or not to be, he is reckless like a necklace strung too tight without a clasp, a wasp with no asp



She ditches the car on a back road in an attempt to flee her past. She puts her hand over her mouth, the robin egg crushes underfoot. She can taste danger seeping through her pores, down her back, into the willow roots.

Incapable of her own distress, she will fling herself, unrestrained, to the swamp, rue, from the brook. She springs free from encroachment, skimming like an amoeba across quicksand