Ya Sure You Betcha (A Syttende Mai Challenge)

by Jack Swenson

Nora never dated Scandinavians.  A tidy, sober young woman, she married a German Lutheran pastor from Cedar Falls who later ran off with one of his parishioners.  After the divorce, she was courted by several eligible bachelors, for she was a handsome woman.  She selected a Scotsman who sold paper products, and they moved to Philadelphia.  He was killed in an automobile accident the following year, and the widow moved back to Minnesota.


When some months later, one of her old high school chums asked her to make up a foursome for a night on the town with her husband's good buddy Sven, she reluctantly agreed.  He wasn't her type, she said.  But to her surprise, the night of the outing, she had a good time.  Sven wasn't handsome by any means, but he was full of fun.  He taught her to polka.  He told Ole and Lena jokes, one after the other, and she laughed until she cried.


When he drove her home, she asked him to come in.  She put on a pot of coffee.  They sat on her couch in front of the fire, and after a time, he put his arm around her and began to nibble on her ear.


They ended up making love on a hooked rug before the fire.  The next day he invited her to a swap meet, and that night they went to a meat auction at one of the local bars, and the next morning she woke up knowing in her heart that at last she had found true love.