Charles Lennox

Location California

About Me

Charles Lennox lives and loves in Orange, CA.

Why do you write?

I am always inspired by the works of other authors trying new approaches to fiction. For me, people and their lives are the greatest inpsiration for creating stories.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Aimee Bender. Cormac McCarthy. Italo Calvino. Dave Eggers. Haruki Murakami.

Charles Lennox's Wall

Charles Lennox – May 10, 2010

Thanks Linda! :)

Linda Simoni-Wastila – May 10, 2010

Hey, congrats on the Hint Fiction win -- very cool shortie! Peace...

David Erlewine – Feb 06, 2009

and sorry re my blog. occasionally i have the same problem on others' blogs...i get geared up to post a comment and it shows me a big X for the word verification...even when I'm signed in. Things like that, after a long day at work, when I "should" be sleeping, not writing so late, make me dispirited.

David Erlewine – Feb 06, 2009

CHARLES! Thanks so much, man. Really appreciate hearing your comment about my Tuesday Shorts piece. That's one of the few that I've written where I felt, sort of, well, uh, proud (if I can use that word without sounding toolish). Thanks again man.

crispin best – Feb 03, 2009

charles you are a champion
and a true true gentleman

David Erlewine – Jan 27, 2009

Thanks for the post, Charles. Nice to see you here too!

Charles Lennox – Jan 22, 2009

Thanks Scott. Thanks for writing on my wall and for the encouraging words.

Scott Garson – Jan 22, 2009

not any longer is it the case that no one has written on Charles Lennox's wall. I have written on Charles Lennox's wall. I am still writing on Charles Lennox's wall, but without saying something. If something must be said, I guess it will be this: real nice story in Mudluscious.

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