Noah's Ark, NYC

by Jerry Ratch

Two by two they come walking

down 7th Ave

girl with girl

boy and girl

boy and boy


two pigeons strolling

side by side

two robins

two crows walking stiffly

like two pieces of

anthracite coal


two spiders

two dogs sniffing each other

round and round as they go

two roaches

two twilit dancing rats

after playing basketball

at the courts on 6th Ave


two yellow taxicabs

two beggars side by side

admiring the way the other

gathers coins in the palm

of his hand, the roll

of dollar bills


two small half-pints of whiskey

two tall bottles of wine


two and two they all

go walking along 7th avenue

before night comes on

all heading to the gaping hole

in the side of the ark

parked at the lower end

of New York, New York