If I Was A Bum

by Jerry Ratch


If I was a bum

I'd risk everything

for a drink or a smoke

I would beg and curse and steal

if I was a bum


If I was a bum

I would cuss out the Pope

I would not vote for anyone

because I would know truly

they'd be telling gross lies


If I was a bum

I would understand that the sun

constantly moves around the shade of trees

and that the earth stands still

in the midst of it all


and that drink and drugs

are the only reality

and even the great songs

are lies and cannot be telling the truth

if I was a bum


The darkness would engulf me

and become my blanket

and only friend

I would know

no other lover


If I was a bum

I would know my place

at the center of the earth

underneath the dirt of the universe

and the weight of every eye


If I was a bum

I would run for President of all bums

promise them nothing

and never be unable

to deliver


I would end all hope

once and forever

and make everyone learn

to laugh again

even if it hurt