2 and 2

by Estelle Bruno

I was a six year old with no bike.  Only the males in my family
had that privilege.  So one morning I got up very early, before
the older siblings awoke, crept out the back porch door where I
knew there would be two bikes in the yard just waiting for me
and my plan.

I couldn't let the neighbors see me stealing a bike, but I was a
determined child.  Quietly, I walked the bike for about 4 long 
blocks away from my house.

Somehow I managed to climb up onto the seat, but my little
legs couldn't reach those pedals.  I must have stood up and
tried, when wham, down I fell, me and the bike.  Did I give up?
No way.  I was determined.  

This climbing up and falling down must've gone on for quite a
while.  Scraped, bleeding knees and a smashed up bike, I finally
gave up.  When my brother saw his mangled bike and my mangled
knees he put 2 and 2 together.

To this day I can't ride a bike. Poor balance?  Maybe.