The First Time

by David James

The summer I turned fourteen I had a job babysitting our neighbor, Pam's three year old daughter, Annie, three nights a week while Pam was going to Junior College, but it was hardly work because, after I tucked Annie in to sleep, I just watched TV, sitting in Pam's den until she got back home and, upon coming in, she'd drop her books on her kitchen table, wave and quickly go upstairs, look-in on Annie and routinely change into her flannel pajamas before coming down to pay me my dollar, but one night, when she came back a little early, I stood up to leave, but she said to wait, that she had something else for me, so I sat back down and in a couple of minutes Pam came in and stood in front of me in just her pajama bottoms and, reaching down, pulled me up to her and said, “Have you ever been fucked?” and, gasping to inhale, I shook my head, “No “ and Pam smiled.