At This Particular Moment

by Darryl Price



in time there is nothing more important for me

to write than this line. It isn't

defined in the way you'd like

perhaps, but it doesn't matter

because it will be true, and you

will be true, and I will be the

message you get. Some signal has

crossed through time and space and so here

we are—put together by those

radio waves for a second


and able to mutter a few

sounds face to face, but it won't last.

And if you say that is alright

I will believe you. And if you

say it is enough I will take

that to mean you accept the terms

of its deliverance as suitable

even if not wholly

acceptable in finer terms

of meaning, such as love. Yes I


know what the search is for. All beings

have that compass in their souls.

We are by nature drawn to the

feel. But I cannot bridge this gap

for too long. Eventually It will 

have to have motion or

its possibilities instead

of being endless will simply

blank out. That I cannot tolerate

for you. You have my undying


affection, and that is the

whole energy expended here

and everywhere I go. I will

always see you and hear you and

want you to be glad. And now we

must say goodbye as if that means

nothing. Until then let these words

come close enough to be shared by

only you, you are and always

will be at my deepest core. Bye now.