by Bill Yarrow

How to Boil Water

Get a pot.
Fill it with water.
Place it on the stove.
Turn on the flame.
When tiny bubbles appear and grow wild
VoilĂ !
It is done.

How to Cook an Egg
Read my poem “How to Boil Water.”
Drop an egg in it.

How to Eat
Press your food
into the hole
just below
your nose.

How to Think
Pick one thing
one thing you've been told
Pick this one thing you've been told
and pick
and pick
and keep picking at it
until the scab of unknowing
falls off.

How to Love

Sweep into one corner
all your ego.
Set a match to it.

How to Die
Watch those who live in your neighborhood.
Watch them closely.
Copy what they cease to do.