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    Publishing Genius, 2009.
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    I live in Baltimore, MD. My book of microfictions, Easter Rabbit, was published by Publishing Genius Press( in December 2009.

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    M – Dec 04, 2010

    Thank you for some great comments on god's man, Joseph, and thanks for the suggestion. Again, I look forward to reading more of your work. Cheers. -- Q

    David Erlewine – Jan 20, 2010

    Thanks, bud for your message and comment. I can't get the message system to work so I'm writing on your wall. I'll try to hit up one of the 510's a bit down the road, maybe in Feb. Looking fwd to hanging out again soon.

    David Erlewine – Oct 10, 2009

    yo! glad to see you added adam r as a contact! he was getting sorta worked up about that.

    by the by, how in the f do i score me a pass into the baltimore juggernaut? i'm already bummed josh maday wrote everyday juggernaut before me, now i can't get in. i asked justin via f-mail and he wrote back "Bwuahaa haaaahaaaa" - is that some sort of code? please help me, joe. sending you some q's for the interview. get ready to be interrogated motherfucker!

    David Erlewine – Oct 05, 2009

    (laugh) yeah, i don't know what's up with the profaneness of my mouth, man. i got some serious issues. glad you appreciate 'em. working my way through easter rabbit. holy fuck am i digging. probably would like a puff piece if i posted a review on short review, ha ha. will get something written up on my blog soon. it's wonderful, the book.

    David Erlewine – Oct 05, 2009

    thanks for checking out marionettes. liked your comment. d

    David Erlewine – Sep 16, 2009

    See you Saturday!

    Pia Ehrhardt – Sep 08, 2008

    Hey Joe! I haven't talked to you in so long. You good?

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