by Tim G. Young

just want to write a music note
rap my hands all over my throat
jump into the city to stay afloat
gotta build me a damn big boat

now lookin' at the time between the lines
sometimes makes it hard to make the climb
but if things are ever gonna get better
when the ship comes in i'll go get her

just look at me walkin like a jack of all trades
while all my girlfriends sip martinis in the shade
dippin' their toes in the blue swimmin' pool
actin' like they know something and everything is cool

meanwhile i'm drifitn' way out into space
riding my space car that always wins the race
and i'll take that trophy put it in place
while i learn to go faster and set a new pace

so pinches to inches and dawn to dusk
i ride the carousel spinning for luck
can't seem to stop it or even slow it down
makes life more interesting than most things i found

gotta carry that music note to places unknown
move outta my crib face the world alone
take my chances in the back of a cherry red chevy
rolling like the thunder under everything heavy

yeah the moon's in the sky the sun is too
what you may ask what can i do for you
tell you the truth i have no fucking clue
since it's not up to me it's all up to you