chet baker

by Tim Young

chet baker shades my eyes
rippling through the cool water
sometimes we feed the fish
it's a lovely day
strung out across the wind
tasting flowers aromas
it's a gift
 i can feel it
i can make the turn around
it's so easy
so i left my notes
on the bottom of the sea
and then i watched the ocean tv
surfing channels 
crashing on waves of sound
modulation makes me crazy
but everything is all right
everything tastes nice
when once i cruised the
starlight it got so mad
right in my eyes

i mix fine cocktails
on the rocks by the soaking sand
and lit a fire to keep warm
the flames crackled like my bones
rushing into the deeper waters
feeling you beneath me
i wish for more wishes
and stand atop the highest point
pointing out my new nerves
shaking, rattling like cellophane
collecting love images
hating departure times
but there is the bus ticket
in my hand

so i'm the lucky one
dressed all in the loudest
standing fierce on the red carpet
snapping polaroids  like peanuts
dripping with the flow
and damn if then
i don't go anyway
lucky i can't turn back