Black Night Takes Bite

by Tim Young

The Black night took a big bite out of the creamy coffee.

The caffeine struggled upstream like a salmon.

The moon rolled over on her back and laughed.

The copper colored candy wrapped itself in a twist tie nightmare.

All the King's horses ran to a smashing stop and shit together.

The angels coughed and popped another benny,

They knew the Black night was not running away.

Even though all were speeding through time,

Like a shark through the deep blue.

A promise lay on its side, yawned, and waited for the lights

To turn green.

The traffic hummed inside heads, brains, and muscles.

A terrific rush blasted through fears and frustrations.

Nothing was safe from the time that forced itself into

Each and every new moment across every curb and street corner.

Then the lights turned green but were shot out

In a single smash by bullets raining down hard and fast.

The air crowded with hot pellets burning even the angels

If caught in the hail.

The Black night reached under his shiny silk jacket

And touched the steamy leather of his holster.

The cool design of the pistol

Slid out as smooth as a wisecrack.

All faces sensed the urgency of the moment.

Money was made to spin, run and hide.

Everything that ever was crouched and shivered

Like infants afraid the moment the night light

Is extinguished.


Across town, a canary sings bright.

The wind reminds itself of a fresh shower.

Another world and yet another world

Build resistance but play in the same field.

The Mocking bird lights from wire to wire

Then suddenly it's too late to sing.

It began to sound as if someone had jumped

Out of the window.

It began to sound as if something was terribly wrong.

It began to sound as if the Black night was creeping,

Destroying boundaries by a sheer slip of the tongue.

Mothers pulled blankets over the heads

Of shivering children.

Fathers put their papers down.

The stars made quick for the emergency exits

While the moon continued to snicker.

Clouds had been eliminated.

Rain had taken on new meaning.

The forces that forced began to look at

The next train out of town.

The Black night ordered a bourbon whiskey straight up.

The punch to his throat reinforced

His clarity of vision.

No one along the long bar dared take a breath,

Until finally the bartender winked.

Then the building erupted

With real passion uncoiled like a rattlesnake,

Spitting venom into eyes, ears and nose.

All afflicted rose to the occasion and bought

The house a drink.

There was no more crying

There was no more hiding.

Everything that ever was began to take one step


The Black night smiled turning slowly

Into Dawn.