Ilex Cahokia and A Common Piece

by Randal Houle

Ilex Cahokia

Remember Cahokia, that pleasant sight, dark elixir of eternity and forgotten ritual. Analyzing the residue, we come to learn that Ilex Cassine and Ilex Vomitoria was in wide use among the new people many generations before coffee in Europe, or Columbus, we remember Cahokia, a land of fervor and delight, in the Black Drink of dried Ilex Cassine, near the dark waters of the great lakes and remembering Cahokia, a place we rent near the water's edge, for we dare not enter, but analyzing the residue, we notice traces of Ilex Vomitoria and give ourselves over to the ritual purging, for sin comes from within and analyzing the residue, we remember Cahokia, a place of cleansing, of Christmas Holly, of eating and shopping and consumption, and of the Black Drink, of Ilex Vomitoria, of consumerism, until we purge but we cannot cleanse, for we have forgotten Cahokia.  


a common piece of pottery, rare now but not in its time and sits in a prominent place as then; now buried under 600 years of loamy overburden. 

a common piece of pottery, not the largest, as most at the time would desire, but still a rare find, made from earlier clay and fired from wood forgotten long ago. 

a common piece of pottery, a terra cotta idol, not the largest, but very rare and its purpose hidden to us, as unknown as its people, who may have been like us, had they existed in our space-time, may have tossed the earthen vessels aside as any common piece of pottery, or buried such thing in the loamy overburden.