John Ruskin doing a Swan Dive

by John Olson

Needs simplify life. For instance, today I need a farm. I'm in a mood to grow beans. I'm no greenhorn. I once petted a cat. And saw a woman crushing cans with her breast on YouTube.

Her breast was huge. Both breasts were huge. She used her right breast. Lifted it to her chin, aimed at the can, and shoved it down as hard as she could.

And crushed the can.

That must have hurt. That can't be good for a breast.

They say the mammary glands evolved to keep the eggs of early mammals warm. It is hard to say, because breasts do not fossilize well.

I feel quite certain they did not evolve to crush cans.

But what is emotion?

A high cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean.

John Ruskin doing a swan dive.