Voice of the Past

by Jerry Ratch


You are about to experience a voice from the past. Here we go ... jet back to about 1964.


I remember you with the same beard (just a different color!) and slightly longer hair.


I remember drinking lots of beer and wine in your basement with Shel Dannenburg and Andy (?) from across the street...many others too. I remember seeing you for the first time when I was on a date with Louie Weaser. You were in (I think) Shel's car in the back seat and Louie and I passed you going the other way. We all ended up at Shel's house and that's where we actually met. I believe I threw your car keys out of a second story window onto the roof at his house! (Why would I have done something so bizarre?)


I remember us tobogganing in Palos Hills - not at the park though. We tobogganed in the woods off the side of the highway. It was cold, bumpy and probably very dangerous, but it was fun and the wine kept us warm.


I remember sitting in your bedroom for hours just watching you while you wrote poetry. I was in awe of you, thinking you were going to be the next Dylan Thomas!


I remember your Mom serving ox tail soup for dinner one night. I had never had that before but thought it was very good. I didn't actually know what I was eating until I hit something on the bottom of the bowl and asked what it was. Your Mom looked at me with surprise and said, "Well, that's the ox tail, of course!" I'm not sure, but I don't think I could eat another spoonful.


I remember a brandy snifter in your bedroom with JAR and JAM etched into the glass. I knew the JAR was your initials, but when I asked you who JAM was you became very evasive and withdrawn. To this day I still wonder who JAM is.


I remember so many things … do you remember who I am yet?  I attached pictures to jog your memory, including the house on Euclid where I lived.


I would love to have a copy of your book. I don't think I really knew who you were back then ... maybe after reading your book I'll understand.


I'm so glad I ran across your website. You and your wife sound incredibly talented and successful. Oddly enough, I sold real estate myself back in the mid 70's for Century 21. One of my favorite jobs, although I'm sure it would be quite challenging these days!


Let me know what to send you for the book and shipping costs.


Eagerly awaiting your reply.

Best Regards,