Things Found In The Wreckage Of Angel 1508

by Jerry Ratch

A canister of unused laughter taken from the mouth of a baby not yet born

A splinter of wood from a cross, perfectly preserved in dark tea

taken from the belly of a dead Irishman

A milky vial of smog taken from the air of Los Angeles circa 1965

A lock of hair from the head of a prophet preserved in amber like a mosquito

from the swamp of the La Brea tar pits


One of Vincent van Gogh's paint brushes with the remains of cerulean blue

still wet on its tip


Unanswered questions from interviews with God

An array of unborn weeds from the red spot of Jupiter  

The twinkle of an eye taken from a soldier fallen on Normandy Beach

Things that have yet to occur in a land far, far away

The fingers of someone who couldn't let go of the rubber bands

wrapped around the newspapers of the future


Still undiscovered:

Why these things were found in the wreckage of an angel

Why this particular angel had fallen

Why that cerulean blue paint has never dried and instead remains open

as though someone expects to go on painting to this day


Was it God's plans that were found in tatters all around the wreckage?

Was this angel ever trusted to bear the unnatural weight of evidence?

Were these the twisted scales of justice itself

lying to one side as if thrown aside?

And if so, who threw this one out of the heavens?

And exactly how high did he climb before streaking

across the dark side of eternity?