Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

by Jerry Ratch

“Emma,” I said, “will you quit staring?

What about the meatpacker's hope for his daughter?”

I asked. “Have you even thought about that?”


“Once you get off the moon, maybe,” she said

“Honestly, after so much lamb and schwarma

I could go for a good wheelbarrow of broccoli

Right about now”


We kept looking over at the man at the bar

No sign of life fell over the his face


"I like him,” she stated

“But I think he's a moose hunter

At heart"


“All right, can you explain this photo of you then?” I asked

Showing her the selfie she took

In a car in bright pajamas

With a big print of yellow and blue

Squirrels on them


This was right after her boyfriend, Ben

Dumped her. Her dad hated Ben


She nodded, sheepishly

“Yeah, that's me

Shown here in pajamas

Asleep at the human wheel”


Squirrels just wanna have fun,” she said

Looking down at her feet now  

“And girls just wanna buy shoes

I guess”


“Yeah,” I said

“We're really scraping

The muffin bottom now

Aren't we?”