Ohio Man Charged with Drunken Driving on Motorized Barstool

by Jerry Ratch


A man in Watchupecka, OH, was charged Wednesday night with drunken driving in heavy traffic in downtown Watchupecka when he failed to stop for a red light.

A squad car trailed him for two miles to the edge of town and made the pinch when the man stopped his motorized barstool to take a pee.

He kept the barstool running to make a quick getaway, but the quick-thinking officer outsmarted him by placing a full bottle of beer on the seat of the motorized vehicle/barstool/ whatever.

And the drunken man just couldn't decide between jail and finishing his newfound ale.

Well, no one in Watchupecka could blame him. So they would never get the charge to stick, and they took away his sleek motorized barstool. But the word on the street is that he's building another one. And this one's really fast!