by Jerry Ratch


LOL? What does that mean? It's showing up like everywhere.

You make me LOL? Is that equivalent to puke, do you think?

But no, they would have said: you make me want to LOL.

And I'm like HMB, you know, Holding My Belly,

To Keep From Puking. TKFP.


Okay let's try again. LOL. Little Old Lady maybe?

I am not a Little Old Lady!

I'm not even a pretty young lady.


Could it mean Love or Leave It?

Wait, that would be LOLI,

As in lollipop.

Nope. That can't be it.


I admit I'm getting a little desperate.

Everybody's like saying it — LOL. It's ridiculous.

What is this code, do you suppose?

LOL. Like Old Lechers, perhaps?

Now I'm afraid they're getting a little too close.


Or maybe it's the lazy man's version of LOLL,

As in loll around the house,

And they're lazy, naturally,

So they lose the last L,

You know, like on a LazyBoy Recliner,

Or an LBR.

Like I'm going to LOL on my LBR.


OK! This is so OVR!

It just makes you want to Laugh Out Loud!