Chinese farmer gets life in prison for evading highway tolls

by Jerry Ratch


Bring me your poor, your tired, your hungry

anyone skilled at evading highway tolls

Bring me your escape artists dangling upside down

in a straight-jacket from the sides of tall buildings

Don't let them starve in the prisons of the world


Bring me their plans for atom bombs and jet engines

their wikileaking brains and plots

Bring me your airplanes flying into buildings

We have big hearts and open minds

We will embrace them and let them own

our inner cities after our people are foreclosed out

of their homes



We love to live shivering under cold bridges

lighting fires in 55 gal drums

so we can watch the shadows dance on our faces

like the new television of the future


Who needs a telephone? Who needs a car?

Who really needs to cook whole turkeys

in 55 gal drums full of lard?


We love to lie in the dust and sleep under the rug

In fact, why not call us up from that sleep

and make us serve in an Army on remote windswept plains

and angry mountains where they keep

the eye in the forehead and the asshole of hell?