Black Wheat, 7

by Jerry Ratch

They use people

then throw them away

They are after the image

There is a desperation in (it)


They behave as if they must have it

It must be a drug

to them

Are they that able?


                        .                       .                       .



They bring it over here and then all they want

is image?

Shining against each other as in paintings

or reality

And all they want is image?


                        .                       .                       .


There is always the image

Not (only) the image

but also the image

One focuses on it


One battles for reality

but one receives the (image)

Always the image


                        .                       .                       .


They are poised (naked)

They are being filmed by the director

They are naked with their hair plastered down

as though they are statues


They are living though

Poised as they are poised


Now they are on film

They continue to live

(as the image)