The Exiled Realm

by Jeff Geiger


the sunburnt sea of grain and grass

where beasts repose on warm rocks

away                                                  from the stone spires

                                                          with servants and serfs


destinies bring me to a damned desert

where the anger of the sleeping giants shattered the earth

where the mammoth monoliths dot the ocean of sand

they hold a mystical might of old

I am an insignificant speck sent to slaughter

the last of their kind

the last of my kind

                                            in the center of the cataclysmic circle

                                            stands a sentry to the destroyed city


                                          a steadfast mast with arms outstretched

                                           with an ambivalent malevolent grin


                                        unblinking eyes peer curiously around

                                             innocent to the ever present evil

                                                                       Maul Us

                                               stone pillars sink into ground

                                           connecting the living with the dead

                                                                       Maul                      me

I run my trembling fingers along the cold steel

charging slowly through the shifting ground

cries echo in the tomb

raise thy COURAGE

embrace thy swelling SORROW