Of Tongue and Cheek

by Gary Hardaway

On the Advantages of Having No Team in the Playoffs

Because I have no skin in the fight,
I can plant my ass here,
park my brain there,
fill my belly over there,
and just enjoy the outcome,
whatever the outcome may be.

Ugly Weather Haiku

The damp digs to bone
to find the wind's chill talons
already roosting.

A Question of Progress

Is it progress, then, when
all the fucking-off at
work can now be spent on
personal phones instead of
company computers?

Statistics and Probability

The Weather (in this case,
a cold front) arrives
earlier than prophesied.
I shiver in shirt sleeves.
Shit happens.

Bitcoins are Ugly

Our beautiful currencies and stamps
disappear into the digital vortex
of accelerated appetites. The old

realities are quaint and picturesque
commemorating flesh and blood
which move too slowly to breathe

the charged, cyclonic air.
I'm much too old for now.
I slow to pet the actual cat

enchanted by an actual sparrow.
My metabolism is so passé
and all my scars from childhood ache.