by Estelle Bruno




Men have a way of doing that,


Lord, why?

I always thought retirement means you get to sleep longer.


He must arise early, make breakfast, after 40 years of eating mine.

Next, he insists on coming with me to the market.

When I try to pay my bill, he puts his hands in his pocket and whips out money.

Guess he thinks I can't make change.

Our next scenario is the driving obsession.  His.

This goes on for months as I just sit beside him and give directions.

Now I have had enough of this, so I tell him that if he ever gets sick, we will be stuck in the house till death-us-do-part.

He finally gives in, but after 1 week  that death-us-do-part, parted us.

I'm still here and driving!

Somehow I feel he is still watching.