Silly Old Man Acting the Young Fool

by Darryl Price


The green on your shoulder

Is worth all their papery property taxes

And then some. They cash in every friendship

As if it were nothing more than a


Ripened apple for pie. Get rid of

The thing before it begins to

Rot into some unworthiness. But that doesn't make our

Merriment in each other's company any the less


Appealing on this fine sunny

Afternoon. That's all I'm saying and

That's all I'm after. I've lived to this

Buzzing moment here with you and find any


Painful stab in the road's rib

Has been worth it. The sun,

Even this wounded one, is not frozen to the

Sky for anyone special, but I'll paint a little


Picture and hang it on

A cloudy wind just for fun decoration.

It doesn't have to be an enormous hit

Song you know, it's just how I feel


About being here with you.

Well, I see the green has

Sparkled over into fading golden waves. I'm equally delighted

To make your acquaintances. Here we go again. Ah.


Bonus poems:

We Are Sly

We are sly, they tell us so, but they don't know us.

It's so hard to believe in anything they say. The world is

full of wars that ended the world, but you're still always on

your own. That's about all there is to know, and you can

discover it a dozen different ways. Climb a rock, surf an ocean,

haunt a heart. These days have all been ceremoniously named and the


saddest hours have been shackled, cooked and reconstituted, but the snow covered

hills you followed on your way home from school may not be

there the next time you look for it. The picture becomes the

ruined launderette. The picture becomes a map that doesn't make much sense.

The picture becomes something you used to cover up your head. The

picture becomes a beautiful dream lost in a paper bag. We are


sly, but they are disappointed in everything. We are sly, but we

don't hate anyone for the sport of it. Maybe that is a

repetitive plea for help, but it's sincere. The laughing world changed course

without any sailors being honored for their service just the same. The

picture becomes a danger to yourself. Even the rain is blue without

you in its parade, but that's another empty apartment. Now there's this.

How Many

by Darryl Price

How many guns are enough bright pain? How many to

Make your deaf ears stop caring less

About what's happening out in the streets?

How many guns before

You have renewed strength to lift your

Heavy hearts up again for more than

The hungry and poor? How many guns


Before you elect to unlearn how to be a hateful

Bastard? All these words don't say what

I mean. How many guns getting us

Into a hell of

A mess before the road disappears and

We can't come home? It's not a

Trick question. I want to know.  How


Many guns are showing you any real affection right now?

When you look into the mirror, how

Many guns do you see? How many

Guns gliding above our

Personal landscapes?  How many guns appearing in

Your words? How many guns in your

Mother's eyes? How many guns sending a


Small ray of light out into the world? We're not

Better than the rest. How many guns

Sing in the wind like the body

Of a woman in

Love? How many guns more like a

Long cold drink of leftover coffee than

The delicate personality of a soft wild


Flower? How many guns comfort the dying? How many guns

Keep smiling at us? I'm upset. How

Many guns think about killing themselves? How

Many guns know me?

How many guns dissolving into summertime butterflies?

How many guns have you ordered? How

Many guns are too angry to look


Inside your mind for your heart, to look your child

In the eye? How many guns put

The smell of smoke in the air?

Many guns take away

Our friends forever. How many guns make

A little love? How many guns breaks

Your spirit? How many guns causes your


Compassion to grow darker? How many guns does it take

To end the world in a hail

Of gunfire? How many guns is enough?

Melt the guns with

Us. Melt the guns with patience. Melt 

The guns with pleasure and delight. Melt

The guns in freedom. With generous conviction.