Bio Bit

by Darryl Price


It was your present world that seemed more than mad to me.

Your polished stiff brown shoes that always squeaked like mice, while the latest rude

Bombers bubbled up in their comfortable

Dart-board garages like apple pies burping in the oven.    

I still didn't want all things to end up like that, before

I had even found a real love of my own,

Someone to begin to dream along to the

Whole wide universe's singing with, someone to make the


Impossible journey look almost believable to even the likes of me.

I had just my own musical ideas to bounce off of

Then, because everything else in life was still so bland

To me and I was sore afraid of being turned    

Into a little moonlight in the middle of the night  

By somebody's younger brother's stay at home

All day in your favorite Batman and Boy

Wonder pajamas notion of a cartoon


Death squad's yellow muzzled freeze and disappear forever  

ray gun blast. Guess some smart part of me always wanted

A much quicker solution out of your sad 

Churches, as in forever and ever amen, even though I     

Knew there had to be the one inevitable  

Glorifying conclusion to growing 

Up in a small town full of strangers in the first place. Anyway, to 

Tell the just truth, I just don't like all those dividing us into gender 


Rules always being applied to everything

That moves. Never did. I like a sloppy paint

Job as long as it's done with heart. It fits the

Landscape as neatly as anything else that    

Has its own time and place. It's a pigment. A signature

Move. Mine was to dig a hole earlier

Than most, all the way to the other side of poetry, man,

And like never return; I don't resent this cartoon version of things.



Darryl Price               Sunday, January 20, 2013