by Bill Yarrow

My ex-boyfriend is serving time in Attica.
The wedding colors will be ochre, black, anisette, and beige
Politically, the coalition failed due to a lack of application of confluence
Leonard sat in the shaded corner of the deck
The opposite of “lui,” she explained, is “elle”
It's futile. Can't you see it's futile?
I shall season your petition with gravity
Come, I will show you the way to Hillcrest
Not I! Not I! Not I! Not I! Not I!
To a cinematographer, color is a drug (Michel Jean)
You've never read Klopstock?
If you want me, I'll be on the lanai
Unaccommodated woman; overaccommodated man
Artichokes with ginger, cube steak with fennel, potatoes with nutmeg
The cymbal concert will be Tuesday in the Taj Mahal of Ontario
A sentence which reserves its inventive zest for the end is called periodic
My favorite writer? Quintilian
She wanted to put the “o man!” back in romance
A letter written from the bottom up would end with the salutation
I went to Japan and all I got was this lousy tanka
Assonance in “Ulysses”
Bellicose boys. Jericho noise. Varicose veins
Shakespeare, Cowper, Blake, Wordsworth, Yeats: all Williams
Q: This name in Basque means “owns a new house.” A: What is “Xavier”?
A Perfect Day for Banana or The Bride Comes to Yellow
I need to reread The Prisoner of Zenda