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    Meg Pokrass
    Apr 26, 04:05am

    For many of us, I know. We are sad to say goodbye. thank you for delighting us. You brought goodness here to us. Get well, be well, friend.

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    See ya
    Apr 26, 02:06pm

    Here here.

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    Gary Percesepe
    Apr 26, 02:26pm

    WE DO indeed, love darryl---i did not hear what is going on

    what is going on?

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    Sam Rasnake
    Apr 26, 02:35pm


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    Susan Gibb
    Apr 26, 02:36pm

    Ditto Gary--I hope it's not a serious attempt at stopping his writing.

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    Linda Simoni-Wastila
    Apr 26, 02:38pm

    Tritto Gary -- DARRYL, DON'T LEAVE US!!!!!

    (Your kindness and your poems always bring me so much joy). Peace...

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    Bill Yarrow
    Apr 26, 03:33pm


    Please leave your Fictionaut account open so people can find Darryl Price and read and appreciate your incredible poems if they are unfamiliar with them.

    Good luck and please come back when life turns around for you, as I know it will.

    "We Love Darryl"
    Yes, I'm a proud member of that group.

    Be well, my friend.

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    Christian Bell
    Apr 26, 03:41pm

    Yes, be well, Darryl. We'll miss you and be hopeful that you will return.

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    Robert Vaughan
    Apr 26, 03:58pm

    Sorry, Darryl that you are not feeling well. Take care and our love will always be with you. Here, or there.

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    Marcus Speh
    Apr 26, 04:51pm

    well put, meg, and thank you for this thread.

    i've published <a href="">my response to darryl</a> after receiving his message today.

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    Darryl Price
    Apr 26, 05:15pm

    To reply to Kath's note:only sick at heart. I've never felt sadder,more forsaken in my life that I can remember. I feel the poetry is now resting between me and my real, important life now. I don't make this decision lightly. It weighs heavily on me.I've let everyone down,including myself. I will keep my Fictionaut account open. It's the least I can do for such a wonderful bunch of friends as I've made here. Here's the original post:Author's note: It is with great sadness that I must say goodbye to all my friends here on Fictionaut and across the world. Since losing my job my life has gone steadily downhill and there is no love to save me. My wife blames me for losing my job,although I was laid off not fired, and not finding another. We have bills to pay,a daughter to look after and an uncertain future together. I can't justify living the life of a poet any longer. It brings nothing into our household. No money,no food, no comfort at night. I am full of bad dreams now. I can't imagine any hope that will pull me out of this drain. And so I am giving up my writing. It breaks my heart to do so,but I am already a broken man. There is nothing left for me to do but find what money I can and wait. I did not forsee my life coming to this great a sorrow but it has. Goodbye and thanks for listening when you did. I did my best to entertain and enlighten you with my words.I meant to be the best at it. If I have failed you,too,then there is indeed justification for my quiting now before I embarrass myself any further.Bless you all,and my very best wishes for your continued success as writers.dp

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    Susan Gibb
    Apr 26, 06:12pm

    Darryl, you have my complete sympathy and understanding on the loss of your job and your fears and worries about your responsibilities. Believe me, I understand. But... must not let it keep you from your poetry. Your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and your despair must find an outlet, and what better vessel than your writing to get them out of your heart and into words that are less fragile, more able to support the emotions than the human heart and soul.

    We're here for you, as always. Take a break if you need to, spend some time getting used to change, then get back into your poetry; it is worth more than payment of gold.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Apr 26, 08:25pm

    Darryl. Nothing is forever and every life changes in its time and in its way. I had to give up writing in the late seventies in situations not unlike the one you find yourself in today.

    I survived. I'm back. And I believe I'm all the better for the time I was elsewhere. Wherever there is life, there's hope. Did not seem so to me then as it may not seem so to you now. I could not possibly have seen it and you may only see it yourself when you finally stand in a good place ... and look back.

    You wrote one of the best damn poems I've ever read. While you live, and you should know this ... you'll write again ... and you'll write better.

    I believe that.

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    Apr 26, 08:33pm

    Good luck Darryl...I hope you'll be back soon.

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    Susan Tepper
    Apr 26, 08:56pm

    Darryl, sending you much love.

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    Shelagh Power-Chopra
    Apr 26, 09:06pm

    Take care, Daryl. Wish you the best & don't lose hope. & ditto Susan – outlets are always needed.

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    Jules Archer
    Apr 27, 01:58am

    Kind thoughts your way, Darryl. Hope to see you back around these parts when you are ready.

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    Linda Simoni-Wastila
    Apr 27, 02:16am

    Darryl, I hope you find your joy again, because you spread so much with your words. You are right -- poetry does not pay the bills, will not right a marriage, may not raise a child, but neither will money or a steady job. Only love and compassion will, and my friend, you have those in spades. Your poems and your kindness light my dark corners, and for that I am grateful. I hope you find your way back to writing, you have such a gift, or that writing at least finds it's way back to you. Peace...

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    Darryl Price
    Apr 27, 05:58pm

    Thank you--all of you--so much for your support. I'm sorry if I alarmed you, but I really am at an impasse that has come down quite heavily on me. I had my first poem published when I was twelve,I edited my college's literary magazine, I worked in the poets-in-the-schools program,I edited my own literary magazine,read at churches,coffeehouses,fairs and weddings,used to be in a rock and roll band writing songs,but I was always able to see a future that also could contain my creative writing.Now I don't. I've given it everything and it's put my own family at risk of losing all. But I'm not going to repeat that story. It's been said. I used my gift to the best of my ability and its brought me to the present moment. I'd say I feel glad but I don't. I feel sad, and lost and lonely and bereft. Thank God I was able to get the poems out I did before my light dimmed so.But to you kind souls who have given me your generosity and support and empathy, I am in debt. A debt I promise to repay if ever I get myself out of this mess I'm in and am able to relight the poet in me.So to you,Meg,Sheldon,Gary,Sam,Susan,Linda,Bill,Christian,Robert,Marcus,Susan,James,Marcelle,Susan,Shelagh,and Jules..I want to thank you with all my heart for your friendship.

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    Susan Tepper
    Apr 27, 06:33pm

    Darryl, don't lose sight of the fact that things are constantly changing. You are correct to put your family first. The poet in you will never leave, think of this as the poet taking a needed rest. We all need to do that from time to time. I have taken spans in my writing because of a family crisis. I came back to write again. You will, too. Of that, I am one hundred percent certain.

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    Gloria Mindock
    Apr 27, 11:14pm

    Darryl, do what you need to do. You will go back to writing when things get better. It will get better, remember that. Will miss you here. I know you will be back in time!

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    Joani Reese
    Apr 28, 10:54pm

    I am so sorry to read this thread. I too have been absent because I cannot write anything right now, but Darryl, your work is so luminous. I wish you well and hope you regain your footing in time. Know that you are appreciated and respected by many intelligent, caring people. Be well, Darryl. Hang on. Things do and will get better.

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    Susan Tepper
    Apr 29, 12:27am

    This is a very small thing, and certainly won't help with Darryl's financial woes, but Gloria & I will publish The Cake for God in summer Istanbul Literary Review.
    We DON'T WANT any thanks for doing it on this thread. This thread is about Darryl, period. I only mention it because it's something to do for Darryl.
    The Cake for God is an eternal poem, and we would've taken it regardless. We hope it helps to give him a little boost.

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    Meg Pokrass
    Apr 29, 07:02am

    what a warm community we have. I feel that here so strongly. Daryl, you are doing what is right now, the right thing for now. And when it's time later, it will be a delight to see you again.

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    Lori Lou Freshwater
    May 01, 11:15pm

    Best to you, Daryl. I understand your pain, but I also have faith that you will persevere.

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    Larry Strattner
    May 02, 03:38pm


    I read of this belatedly and was saddened. I can offer one insight however.

    In my profession the half-life of a job is about five years. During my career I lost my job four times. Eventually I found another. Twice the companies that had discarded me hired me back to better positions. (Go figure)

    You are a fine poet, a master of a difficult craft. The facets of that skill will lead you to the next breakthrough. You are right to make your job finding a job.

    You of course know you are known through your thoughts and words and if I could do anything to assist you in your journey I will do so (I am really good at letters of recommendation.)

    Relax. Hang in there. The days will get brighter. Those who sow seeds are justified in expecting a flower.


  • Darryl_falling_water.thumb
    Darryl Price
    May 02, 09:01pm

    Lou and Larry--I love you guys--thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I'm trying my best not to get discouraged, or let my disappointment knock me down any further.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    May 04, 12:45am

    Darryl that's the spirit. Concentrate hard on your new goals, visualize getting what you need. Things will turn around.
    Lots of Love, Susan

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    Ann Bogle
    May 04, 03:32am

    Darryl, when I believed I had lost friends and other loved ones (the two cats) except my natal family and maybe even them though I lived among them, and hope of self-reliance, I worried that writing would disgrace me, so I talked {out loud} to my outer ears. This was a form of acting as it turned out. I have had at times what is called "urgent speech" -- when it's going, it's like a windmill, and no one besides me could listen to it as long as it lasts (years). Find a way to speak if not write -- until it's writing you want to do again. When I returned to my desk and keyboard (as if from a long voyage through the house), I felt writing as a form of editing. Long in style had led to small.

  • Luisa Brenta
    May 04, 05:12pm

    I know, there are times when staying alive is an achievement in itself. I know because I have been there, of course. And I am HERE, NOW, to share it with you. Hang in there: there IS - unbelievably, there is indeed - a happy aftermath. The wait is hard, the choice seems gone; but the reward does come, and it is not to be missed.
    A big hug.

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    Kim Conklin
    May 06, 01:38pm

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Darryl. I hope the light in your soul that infused your writing returns to you soon.

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