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Bonnie ZoBell – Apr 30, 2010

I appreciate your kind words about "Real Estate," Linera. I'm still sort of finding my way around Fictionaut. I wish there was a way when you go to someone's profile of finding out which of the stories the person wrote was posted most recently. I don't think they're listed in order, are they? Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually if there's a way. Thank you again!


Myfanwy Collins – Feb 16, 2010

Hi Linera!

Linera Lucas – Feb 13, 2010

Thank you, you are obviously a human of rare distinction.

James Robison – Feb 13, 2010

I'd like to say your blog persuaded me to be a Fnaut "friend", because I too was saddened by Rohmer's passing and admire Atwood and so forth, but the truth is Bertie won me over. What a fine, thoughtful looking guy.

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