Doug Martin

Location Indiana
Occupation Prosodist

About Me

Doug Martin’s poetry, fiction, reviews, and interviews have appeared in Double Room, elimae, Nimrod, 5_trope, Third Coast, Brooklyn Rail, The New York Quarterly, Gauntlet, and others. A past poetry editor of the Mid-American Review and founder of the online journal, Snow*Vigate, Martin has been a recipient of a Theodore Morrison Scholarship to the Breadloaf Writers’ Conference, an Academy of American Poets Award, and the Randi Eldevik Award in Old English Prosody. His A Survey of Walt Whitman’s Mimetic Prosody was published by Edwin Mellen in 2004. Online Writing: The Best of the First Ten Years (edited with Kim Chinquee) is forthcoming in 2009. He lives in Universal, a town of 100 in Indiana.

Why do you write?

Noam Chomsky speaking deer-Latin into the mouth of a swan.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Megan R. Anderson, Arlene Ang, Robyn Art , Sefi Atta , David Baratier, Christopher Barnes, Sandra Beasley, Brian Beatty, Matt Bell, Aimee Bender, Jon Bonomo, Eric Bosse, John Bradley, Matthew Brennan, Brigitte Byrd, Tania Casselle, Jennifer Chapis, Kim Chinquee, Dave Clapper, Brian Clements, Peter Conners, Joshua Corey, Bruce Covey, Darla Crist, Steve Davenport, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Jamey Dunham, Tom Dvorske, Jessica Dyer, Suzanne Edison, Christy Effinger, Rebecca Eggleston, Pia Ehrhardt, Cooper Esteban, Brian Evenson, Kathy Fish, Geoffrey Gatza, Angela Genusa, Victor Gischler, Noah Eli Gordon, Daniel Grandbois, Arielle Greenberg, Blaine Greteman, Matt Hart, Kyley Hedges, Susan Henderson, Lily Hoang, Jill Hoffman, Carrie Hoffman-Spell, Joanna Howard, Barbara Jacksha, Liesl Jobson, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, Sean Kilpatrick, Richard S. King, Ron Klassnik, Christine Boyka Kluge, Jeff Landon, Darby Larson, Norman Lock, Alexander Long, Sarah Long, George Looney, Robert Lopez, Ben Marcus, Peter Markus, Doug Martin, Michael Martone, Nicola Mason, Joyelle McSweeney, Pamela Miller, Suchoon Mo, Ander Monson, Dinty W. Moore, Sheila Murphy, Darlin’ Neal, Jessica Newman, Phoebe North, Carol Novack, Brian Ownbey, Anne Panning, Ethan Paquin, Aimee Parkison, Ted Pelton, Erin Pringle, Kevin Sampsell, Jaya Savige, Davis Schneiderman, Lisa Kahn Schnell, Daryl Scroggins, Peter Jay Shippy, Gail Louise Siegel, Chad Simpson, Claudia Smith, Rusty W. Spell, Michael Stewart, Holly Tavel, Anthony Tognazzini, MikeTopp, Lowell Torres, Girija Tropp, Mark Tursi, Jane Unrue, Arisa White, Derek White, Dara Wier, Diane Williams, Max Winter, Theodore Worozbyt, Mark Yakich, Mike Young, Corey Zeller

Doug Martin's Wall

Carol Novack – May 20, 2009

Hiya Doug! Sorry you can't be down here for the pre-launch reading!

Darryl Price – Apr 15, 2009

I'm still going through this list of favorite authors--this is going to take some time--thanks for the beautiful trip down the literary river!You're a damned good travel guide.Much appreciated.

Brian Beatty – Nov 14, 2008

Happy b-day, pappy.

Kim Chinquee – Nov 01, 2008

Hi Doug! You made it! Whew.

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