A Far Cry From Living

by Tim Young

I don't want no laugh track
I'm trying to find something that's real
I don't want my money back
I'm trying not to steal
But it's a hard life with hard choices to be made
And it's a difficult situation
Even if all the bills have been paid

Look, I don't want to make anybody uncomfortable
I don't want to make anyone feel insecure
But does it really matter what I want
If I'm never really sure

You know I guess I'm taking too much for granted
I'm just taking too much than I should
But if the world is gonna
Keep on spinning anyway
I'm nothing if not misunderstood

So some nights I look up into the sky
At the moon and stars lighting my life
And they don't even look real to me
But I see that they are probably right

So even if I can't remember exactly what I mean
And even if I don't know exactly what I said
It's still a far cry from living
If the truth is I'm really dead.