Manliness!! *urp*

by Mathew Paust

It starts on the Fallopian Speedway:

to finish first a matter of life

when wiring that gains the winner's flag

flaunts its triumphant attributes

on the victory lap.

Wait, there's more,


Does the host participate?

Do her linkages search beyond mere pace

or strength or seminal cunning

or any narcissistic edge

as sperm duels sperm?

Mayhap her secretions ministrate,

slicking one o'er the other

in their frantic dash to a new being,

and the final arbiter's she?

Then it all comes down to chemistry,

congruence of fluid with membrane, genetic winks.

Is this where life begins?

If so, 'tis here comes the primal taste, the commingled musk:

conjoined designs, connubial mesh where spark appears

and anoints.