The beautiful young girls from high school

by Joe Sullivan

The most beautiful women

in the world are

hidden in the dark

grime of subterranean

stations and they pass

each other on trains

red and purple lips puckered

and lithe figures moving

over piss pools with grace


You wondered, as you drove

through your suburban

hometown streets in summer,

what happened to all the

beautiful girls from your

high school


Here they all are

in platforms and skirts

high-waisted below white

blouses and small beads

of sweat above blushes

and mascaras


Here they all are waiting

for the uptown trains

to their air-conditioned

cubicles and dreams of

fame and influence


As you drive aimlessly

and the stores all close

at 10 you remember

these beautiful young girls

and they are all here

hidden or in plain sight

on subways and prancing

through city sidestreets

and along avenues


Some of them are drinking fancy drinks

Some of them are eating specialty cupcakes

Others are delivering messages for high-ranking individuals

Some are riding on boats that circle Manhattan

and must wear large sunglasses for this

Others appear in music videos

Others, still, are featured on the society pages

alongside heads of public relations/marketing



Damn. How can I join

them, you say.


And you realize this is

how the beautiful dream

It's all happened countless times before

And you realize they've

forgotten all about you

You were just there to help with calculus