When the Meat Puppet Meets the Meat Lady

by Jerry Ratch

Diamonds are for suckers

Diamonds are for the miserable at heart

Keep that in mind when you are busy

Puffing out your chest and

Slipping on your dancing shoes


We were about to witness the release of souls

From the captivity of flames

At the backside of the see-through universe

When the Meat Puppet met the Meat Lady

Ah, what dreams were there!


And nobody knew you could be so easily amused

Just by putting your face between her breasts

Like a big giant baby

Not knowing which way to look

While they wobbled against your cheeks

Keeping a close eye on those big nipples

Just in case

Nostalgia wasn't what it used to be


But O what darkened dreams might go speeding past

With their false and brightly-lit interiors

That would slow down for no one, not even virgins, or God

As they passed us by with that dark laughter

Pasted on beside their brains

Lit up only by neon in the night

Like the double-decker busses of London

Brussels, Zurich


Like the electric trams of Moscow and Prague

Like Streetcars named Desire coming out of New Orleans

Heading outward bound to the end of the line

Toward the end of everything

That was good in life


If only you could read your own future

You wouldn't need God, or virgins

Or a psychic all wound up with excitement either