Rejection Isn’t Always Everything It’s Racked Up To Be

by Jerry Ratch

I was so messed up

when you left me,

and I admit I went around

searching the faces

of the crowd

for the man who

filled your womb.


Yes, I pulled my own heart apart.

Yes, I slipped up on Time itself

in its own backyard, behind my memories,

and scared the crap out of it.

Not by yelling, but by sniffing at its neck,

then tearing it apart with my teeth.


Wishing I had never told you

that I loved you. Or that I'd said it

more often than I did, so that

you only believed in me,

even if I

never believed in myself.


Wanting you to

kiss my open heart.

Kiss my heart,

kiss my heart,

only you.  


And I was so close to

creation I could see the

goose-bumps on your flesh

from behind.