Note To Self

by Jerry Ratch

Along with Bad Bunny 

comes the reckless dancing 

the ambulance chases 

and the long, drawn-on faces 

It is well known 

unemployment can be found 

at the end of the moon 

but do we know anything at all 

about the howling? 

We need more insensitive dogs around here 

that's all 

Things that don't bark at the drop of a hat 

We need more signs such as 

“Cow-Tipping Not Allowed” 

or at least 

“Cow-Tipping Strongly Discouraged” 

Things like that to keep out 

the hayseeds 

Who said anything about 

the red glazed chickens 

beside the rain-filled 



In the room beside the moon 

I heard Walt Whitman singing 

“Can I Go To the Bathroom With You?” 

Don't pay anymore attention to this 

than you have to 

I just use my middle finger 

for convenience