I Can’t Wait To Develop Patience, But

by Jerry Ratch


I already know

how your wings are folded,

and I start feeling a

certain sea-sickness

that won't leave me alone



And they let the angels out at twilight,

the dark twins of bats, and

their troubled undersides.


Never were the bats so disturbed.

Never until now has true evil

been so see-through, and clear.


And nostalgia isn't what it used to be


But a good moth never goes bad.


I am over here

taking my clothes off.

I am on my back.

It is you I want.

I'm lying on this towel

on my back in the grass

in broad daylight.


I don't care

if anyone sees us.

God, anyone,

I don't care.

Come inside me

right now,

right here.

This could be the

last time,

and I don't care

if anyone else

knows or sees us.

God, or anyone.