Girl Running Up Cherry Street, Looking For the Past

by Jerry Ratch

Girl running up Cherry St.,

looking for the past.


I know I was hungry, she says

to herself, maybe.

I was hungry for what

you had to offer. Your

fast car, your dad's

ski boat, your prettiness,

your beautiful mouth,

your eyes, and yes for

the joy you could give me

between the legs.


But I was unprepared

for the lift, the way

the soul would go

drifting toward the

ceiling of your bedroom

when I was coming.


I was so unaware of

the push and shove,

how love could make

you ache, make you

float around solo

and alone like a god,

like a bird, a speckled

moth with short blond

hair at my neck,


seeing us both from

above, the muscles

and tension along your back,

your legs and fine ass

going riding in the desert

of my body. How many

times, o my God, have

I seen it from within

the soul, the mind

running through this scene

over and over since

our youth?