Clockwork and Sex Appeal

by Jerry Ratch


And her life runs like clockwork. And the kids wouldn't get to school without her, and the paychecks wouldn't arrive and the taxes wouldn't get paid. And she listens to religion and country and God telling her how to run her life, what to do and when. But sometimes, sometimes … God, you know how I love you… but sometimes the train falls off the tracks.


And I ain't complaining overly much. If my life had been a big fat success, I wouldn't have driven up and down both sides of the ditch I am in, looking for love. Expecting it all to work out in the end, like a big fat fairytale. Like in the movies. But in life? Not so much. And the girl inside goes wild and the train falls off the tracks.


And sometimes the train runs right off the track, that's all.