annah la Javanese. Gauguin

by Jerry Ratch

Her feet are raised upon an embroidered green pillow and she sits naked in a blue velvet chair. Red earrings dangling from her ears, while a red monkey sits at her feet with one leg extended.


She is exotic. A powder blue on her lips and at her navel, and at her lips and belly and crotch. Her hands draped over the carved heads of idols on the arms of her chair, with their backs to her hips that curve upon the velvet seat, where she sits at a slight uncomfortable angle, with her ankles crossed beside the monkey on the ground.


Annah la javanaise. Aita tamari vahina Judith te parari of artist Paul Gauguin, Gauguin, Paul, 1848-1903, Annah, Javanaise, Aita, Tamari, Vahina