Ah, You’re Funny. Good Thing

by Jerry Ratch

I was talking to this famous female artist

at the reception, (as if I knew anything,)

“If you want to be taken as a serious artist now,

you have to have one long serious eyebrow.”


There was no reaction. So, I said:

“Also, you should know you can't get rich on poetry.

I for one should know.” Again, nothing.


But then I added, “So, when I first came into the gallery,

I saw an old guy wearing a jester cap with bells

bearing the word: Grumpy.”




“ I just wondered who he had to push over

to get that hat?

I'm just saying. I have friends who are wiser.

Or who know better. Okay, I don't have friends.

But I'm just saying.”


And that was when she said,

“Ah, you're funny. Good thing.”