Abletofly: Latest Drug: Read Before Use

by Jerry Ratch


With Abletofly you will be able to fly

and the feeling will be overwhelming!

That's right, Abletofly.


A few warnings and precautions are in order, however:

Don't try to drive a car if you experience an erection lasting more than eight hours.

Stay at work. Work overtime. Don't try to work lying down.

Don't take a coffee break or schedule a vacation.

Don't stay on the internet.

Drink plenty of water, but not so much that you are constantly peeing.

Peeing with an erection can be hard to handle.

A heavy stream of piss may force you backwards.

Don't try to pee sitting down. It may be difficult to stand up afterwards.

Don't call home while locked in a sitting position in a stall.

Don't kick the stall doors.

Don't write on bathroom stalls out of boredom.

Don't try to think about anything approaching normality.

Take a deep breath and hold it until you pass out.


After taking Abletofly you may crash into the ground.

Some people have experienced serious contusions upon crash landing.

A small number of near death experiences have occurred near high-power lines.

Don't attempt to land on high-power lines.

Don't sit in trees or attempt to imitate others with your whistle.

Don't even think about pulling worms out of the ground with your teeth.

Hurting worms can be offensive to certain sensitive persons.