a mouth in motion tends to stay in motion

by Jerry Ratch


I remember a big Walgreen's Drug store (maybe in Elmhurst, or Oakbrook Center?) and this shopping expedition we went on. That's where you bought your first Dust Buster, I believe (or was this another man?) Anyway, you made me carry everything. We didn't take a cart and you kept loading everything on me. And I remember a woman in one aisle who was gabbing constantly to her friend and you turned to me said, “A mouth in motion tends to stay in motion. That's Newton's First Theory of Blabbing.” (Only you would say something like that, so this had to be you.) And the woman turned around and bore a hole right through me, staring, after first looking me up and down like I was a little hooker. She didn't say anything, but gave me that look (I did have my midriff showing!)


“I don't have enough room for another tattoo,” I remember saying. The woman threw her nose in the air so far she probably got a nosebleed. “On my ass anyway!” I added. Well, they quit gabbing, I'll tell you. You laughed so hard you snorted.


I remember so many things … do you remember who I am yet?  I attached pictures to jog your memory, including the house on Euclid where I lived.